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You may be wondering,


There's a bare minimum entrance fee for people to be able to look and listen inside our home, see us having sex, and see all of my work since 2002. While $24.95 might not be worth it to some people, I think it's a low price for someone to pay to gain such intimate access to me and my private life. From my perspective it would be wrong for me to grant people access to so much of me for anything less.

From YOUR perspective, I know there are other things to consider in determining if $24.95 is worth it to you, and one is your budget. If you are struggling to make ends meet and have kids to feed, then NO -- my site is not worth $24.95 to you. On the other hand if you make good money and can easily manage all of your payment obligations, then of course I don't think we should even be having this conversation -- you should be able to afford $24.95 to give my site a test run if you like what you've seen so far.

Is my site the BEST porn site you can get for $24.95? I'll be the first to admit that NO, it is not. There are shitloads of great porn sites out there with more content, hotter girls, higher quality, cheaper prices, more hardcore, etc. If all you care about is a great bargain or if you are looking for the BEST porn in the world, then my site is probably not for you.

Deciding whether or not to shell out $24.95 for my site should depend on a) your budget, and b) your interest in me, specifically. Only you can measure these factors.

Once you've looked at my free photos, video samples and read a little about me, you should know whether or not you really want to get inside my members-only area to see, hear and read more. If you're not really excited or curious about me to the point where you KNOW you want to join, then I would rather you didn't. I don't want people paying to see me if their interest in me is only lukewarm.

When you join it should be because you can afford to and because joining is the only way to get more of me!





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