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Trial memberships are for giant corporate porn sites trying to squeeze money out of every single person encountering their sites. I do not believe they are appropriate for independent pornographers and camgirls like myself to offer; they devalue us, our privacy and our work and are disrespectful to members who pay full price to support us and our work as homemade porn site owners.

You'll often see trial or discounted memberships offered AFTER you've decided not to join a site for full-price and tried to exit, or after you've cancelled your full-price membership. Then they hit you with a pitch that they want you back for $10 less a month than you were paying before, or they want you to join for 3 days for $3.95 since you weren't compelled to join for 30 bucks for 30 days. Whenever I see that I think three things: 1) they're making people who LIKE their site pay MORE than the people who DON'T like it -- that seems like a really shitty way to pay people back for their loyalty and appreciation, 2) their site has no real measurable value or worth if they're willing to sell it for the lowest amount the cheapest people are willing to pay. I think that devalues the women and men who appear on those sites and porn in general, and/or 3) they are trying to hook you with a low trial knowing you will probably forget to cancel (or find it very difficult to do so) and you'll be billed for a full month at a high price at the end of the trial anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I don't fault porn consumers for buying into these trials and discounted memberships; I myself have bought them and enjoyed them very much, and it's true that those sites made a few bucks off me when I never would have spent more than a few bucks on them at all. I know it's not completely stupid, it's just not a good business model for a personal site like mine.

"But Trixie, if your make your site cheaper then you'll sell MORE memberships and make MORE money!!"

I've heard that one before by armchair business-people, but that logic does not always hold true AND it makes for a very different experience for me. First of all, I have to pay fees and bandwidth for each member; my costs will not change so if I lower my prices, I'm reducing my profit for each sale. Second, simply lowering my prices would not increase traffic or exposure to my site -- independent sites like mine do not get as much traffic as giant corporate sites, so even if a higher percentage of visitors joined at a lower price, the numbers would not be significant and I would make much less money. Third, it's highly likely I would make FEWER sales; by setting my price low visitors would perceive my site as having less value and think it must be crap if I'm selling it so cheap; people don't want to buy crap, even if it's cheap and besides -- it would make me look pathetic, desperate and dumb.

Fourth, and most importantly, bargains attract a different type of person than real prices do. Anyone who has done webcam shows (as I have) or runs a site like mine for any length of time and experimented with prices (and talked to other people who have) knows that the less money people spend on your product, the more demanding and critical they are. And people who get stuff for free? THEY BEHAVE THE WORST. Since I interact with my members, I do want to attract the nicest, most appreciative people I can; bargain-hunters and cheapskates and young people who do not have much money or a credit card are generally not as nice and are, oddly-enough, more difficult to please than people who pay full price. I do not want to spend my limited time and energy haggling with people and busting my ass trying to give people as much pussy as possible for two dollars. That's not fun or fulfilling for me.

"But Trixie! Just because I can't afford to spend $24.95 on your site doesn't mean I'm not a nice person or that I'm a cheapskate!"

You're right; there are a lot of really cool people who do not make very much money or have debt problems -- I myself am one of those people! I'm not saying that ALL people who can't afford my site are necessarily jerks, I'm just saying that bargains do attract a lot of assholes.

I've actually considered making a sliding scale based on income or giving military and senior discounts, but that's just not realistic; for one thing, I don't have time or resources to administer something like that and for another, how many people are going to fill out an application and provide proof of their income and stuff like that?

In the final assessment, it is up to you to figure out what you can afford and it's up to me to charge what I'm worth. If there's a gap between those two numbers with my worth coming out on top, then that's just life. Porn is a luxury, like fancy cars and fine dining (but cheaper and less fattening); not all of us can afford all of life's luxuries, and people who sell those luxuries don't often give them away as charity (though I think it would be super fun to make a site that solicits sob-stories pleading for free porn membersips and to post all of them and let people vote for who most "deserves" a free porn membership -- hehehehe).

I could go into more depth about the inner workings of the porn industry's pricing models and give you more reasons why I don't offer trial memberships, but I'll leave it at that for now.





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