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A tiny bit of background on how I came to be a webwhore.

Early years:
I was born in 1973, the year of Roe vs. Wade. A couple years later as a wee precocious babe still sucking on a pacifier, I managed to find enough unsupervised time to sit on the floor in front of my dad's nightstand and carefully leaf through an entire stack of "dirty" magazines. I still remember an image of a half naked woman exhibiting herself outdoors on the wide steps of a public building. My mom finally caught me but not before I had methodically perused volumes of softcore porn.

In my formative years, my favorite dolly was a cheap plastic wench scornfully named "Chippy" by my mom. I dropped everything when Charo came on the Merv Griffin show or when the woman in the Enjoli commercial crooned, "I can bring home the bacon / fry it up in the pan / and never never let you forget you're a man!" I idolized Cher with her many talents and by the time I was in Kindergarten my childhood girlfriend and I were already perfecting our favorite game of "Elvis" which involved humping each other like fiends. Learning to read opened new doors of exploration and by fourth grade I was on a mission to check out as many dirty books as possible from the library. I remember getting into a fight with a friend over who was going to read "Forever" first.

One lunchtime in Junior high I enlisted the help of the class slut in manufacturing business cards to pass out in honors pre-algebra advertising an escort service. We never got any customers amongst our seventh grade classmates, but I never discarded my entrepreneurial fantasy of being a powerful sex worker.

As my secondary education wore on, I began to realize that "power" and "sexuality" didn't exactly go hand in hand the way I envisioned. I observed that giggling maniacally and tolerating male idiocy were the keys to dating popularity and I would have none of it. I preferred to be smart, disdainful, and as far as guys were concerned . . . a sexual leper who used too many big words. By my senior year in high school, I had discovered at a statewide all-girls mock government experience that I could be strongly sexually attracted to women. At school I thrived on opportunites to research legalizing prostitution and implementing mandatory school uniforms. I also started getting angry about ways that our sexuality is manipulated, abused, and our power restricted when I started reflecting on the sexual abuse my mom, sister and I experienced as kids.

Young Adulthood:
I wound up in college and was promptly labeled a rabid feminazi. I tried to be committed to higher education even though deep down I knew it wasn't for me. I tried to make smart decisions that other people would approve of but ended up bagging it and getting a real job with only one class left to finish to get my B.A.E. I went through the graduation ceremony anyway and that seemed to make my family happy. I made another "smart" decision that wasn't right for me by getting married - eventually I left my husband in much the same way I left college.

The experience of being married, getting laid on a regular basis, working for a good company that provided good opportunities to women, and having female subordinates who were more of a pain in the ass than any man ever dreamt of being all served to soften my youthful feminist militarism. I realized that with so few women willing to even CALL themselves "feminist", there is much work to be done just amongst ourselves as women.

Entre to Camwhoring:
Almost six years after leaving college I found myself happily living alone again, on the verge of being promoted further into the ranks of middle management, and enjoying gleeful promiscuity. As fate would have it, in October of 2000 I found out about doing live webcam sex shows on Ifriends and gave it a whirl. A few months later I decided to take a leave of absence at my straight job. I began to realize that instead of going to my regular job every day and WISHING I was following my own passions . . . well, that I could quit and do whatever I wanted. My boss told me she would MAKE the job I wanted, but the job I wanted was to write my own pink slip and work at home as a webwhore. So I quit!!! Still, I l didn't fully commit to being a sex worker. I thought I'd just teach myself web design, do my little camshows, and also try to finish that class to get my B.A.E. thinking I could be a teacher without anyone being the wiser about what I imagined would be a brief stint as an internet porn queen. Opens:
I gradually realized that I didn't want to be a half-hearted or secretive webwhore and that I wasn't camming just as a means to an end -- working in the sex industry for a good amount of time is just part of my destiny. In 2002 I grew out of just being an iFriends chathost and started building this website. I kept the campy over-the-top nickname, TastyTrixie, I gave myself when I started exhibiting on iFriends. In May of 2002 I added 24-7 live voyeurcams to my newly-opened members-only area, and the site has been growing every since.

The Present:
Sure, there are lots of challenges to working at home for myself and shunning social mores, but I am fortunate enough to have supportive members who know me well and can relate to my struggles -- after all, they're the same things we all deal with: insecurities, financial debacles, fear, and good old-fashioned laziness! Whenever I feel like maybe I won't be able to make a success of this venture I remind myself how important it is to stick it out -- not everybody has the balls or favorable circumstances to try to hoist themselves up inch-by-inch to seize that elusive American Dream of getting paid to masturbate! I often think many of my members are more interested in following my growth as a self-employed creative person than they are in jacking off to my naked body. ;-) That suspicion alone keeps me motivated in the long haul. As far as going against the grain of society by doing sex work, I can't think of another job where I've had more freedom to live by my own ethics and morals. From emotional, spiritual, feminist, and social standpoints being a whore is a powerful good thing ;).

I'm now 100% devoted to combining my fascination with sex work, gender issues, and creative arts with my desire for independence, self-employment, and constant learning opportunities. I am "out" with my family and friends about my webwhore career, and things have just gotten better and better since moving in with my boyfriend Tucker -- he also does a lot of work with me on our sites and now shoots almost all of my pictures.

In the future I can see myself writing more and teaching (maybe gender studies) someday, but still creating and maintaining my adult website(s) over the long haul (if I am so fortunate). I plan on being a webwhore well into my golden years (again, if I'm lucky enough to get there) and plan to always have my website up and open to members even if I someday get tired of being in front of the cam or move on to new projects!

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